Peggy Frizzo Awarded the Distinguished Community Service Award

STC-MGL President, Peggy Frizzo
Peggy Frizzo, 2022 DCSA Recipient

This year, Peggy Frizzo was nominated and awarded a Distinguished Community Service Award.

Peggy has volunteered with STC for many years, and in particular she was a longtime member of the STC West Michigan Shores chapter. Peggy graciously agreed to help co-president during our transition from two separate Michigan STC chapters into one STC Michigan Great Lakes chapter. 

Peggy’s citation reads:

For outstanding leadership in multiple roles in the regional chapters before, during, and after the merge into the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter—for inspiration, enthusiasm, wisdom, and dedication to the community.

In addition to this, we also want to thank her for continually volunteering and making sure we get all the things done. So during our transition year and even after, Peggy has taken on co-webmaster responsibilities, chapter email management, Eventbrite registration, website events, and more. We’re so thankful for your contributions, Peggy, and congratulations!