About Us

The Michigan Great Lakes (MGL) Chapter was formed in 2020 by the joining of the Southeastern Michigan Chapter and the West Michigan Shores Chapter.

The MGL Chapter is geographically diverse and provides learning and networking opportunities for technical communicators in Michigan and the Great Lakes region including surrounding states and provinces.

The chapter promotes professionalism and the exchange of information among members, and supports them by providing many engaging events throughout the year, including:

  • Virtual networking events such as coffee meetups and book clubs
  • Virtual and in-person educational sessions
  • Mentoring and volunteer opportunities
  • Active membership program

STC-MGL Chapter members work in a variety of specialized, professional communication roles, including technical writing, instructional design, technical editing, business writing, usability, communication management, college and university instruction, web development, and more. We also have student members and members who are new to the field of technical communication. Our community connects passionate, motivated technical communicators of all levels with resources, opportunities, and most importantly, with each other!

STC-MGL has also won several awards from the STC, including the Community Achievement Award and the Pacesetter Award. Most recently we earned the 2023 Platinum Community Award!STC MGL earned a 2023 Platinum Community Achievement Badge

If you live in Michigan or the Great Lakes region, please join us!