Webinar Recap: Navigating Tech Comm With Geoffrey Chaucer

On September 30, Brigid Daull Brockway presented a webinar demonstrating tech comm concepts through the work of Geoffrey Chaucer. Brigid has a B.A. in Creative Writing, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Nonfiction), and 15 years of experience as a technical writer.
Although most know Chaucer for writing The Canterbury Tales, he also authored the first English technical document. Written in the 1390s, A Treatise on the Astrolabe skillfully explains how to use an astrolabe by adhering to modern tech comm principles. By examining Chaucer’s success, we can establish five rules to inform and improve our own technical communication. Continue reading “Webinar Recap: Navigating Tech Comm With Geoffrey Chaucer”

Program Recap: Usability in Health and Medical Contexts

On September 18, Kirk St. Amant presented a webinar through STC describing how to tailor your writing in the medical field to the user’s specific situation. Kirk has numerous credentials teaching UX and technical communication at various universities, including Louisiana Tech, University of Limerick, Southeast University in China, and University of Strasbourg. He’s currently researching how cognitive processes affect the usability of technology in the medical field and in online education. Continue reading “Program Recap: Usability in Health and Medical Contexts”