Join Our Sponsors!

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, STC-MGL gratefully accepts donations and sponsorships from individuals, corporations, and other organizations. Please e-mail us if you’re interested.  Sponsorship opportunities are available at these levels:

  • Fonts of Knowledge: Donate $500 to sponsor workshops for technical communication students and interested professionals.
  • Ink and Quills: Allow use of a room and equipment for a specific program. We generally require enough space for 20–30 people, tables, chairs, a projector, and an internet connection.
  • Style Guides: Donate $200 to cover room rental and snacks for a specific program, or towards a workshop.
  • Red Pencil Society: Donate $50 to cover snacks or an item or items to give as door prizes to attendees for a specific program. Potential raffle items include, but are not limited to, technical communication books and software.

All sponsors will be listed on our Sponsors page and acknowledged at the programs they sponsor.  Sponsors at the Fonts of Knowledge level will receive four passes to the scholarship award presentation. All other sponsors will receive two passes to the sponsored program.

Sponsorship guidelines

  • STC-MGL retains full control of its programming and content.
  • STC-MGL retains the right to review and approve all communications regarding a sponsorship, including, for example, announcements, articles, or press releases about the sponsorship.
  • STC-MGL cannot include electronic links to sponsor information or websites.  STC-SM does not accept any advertising.
  • STC-MGL does not endorse—explicitly or implicitly—our sponsors or their products, services, or ideas.
  • STC-MGL reserves the right to reject any sponsorship offer.