Mentoring Program


Our mentoring program pairs students, recent graduates, or professionals seeking career guidance with technical communication professionals across various industries.

STC-MGL works with the needs and goals of the mentee to create a match with a like-minded mentor. This customized, one-on-one approach helps new technical communication professionals foster connections, gain confidence, and find guidance within the field of technical communication.

Mentees work with their mentors to find meeting times that fit with their schedules, whether this is in person, on the phone, or through video chat.

Mentee Benefits

Some of the many benefits you can hope to receive from your mentor include:

  • career guidance through resume and portfolio review and feedback
  • access to professional networking opportunities
  • volunteer opportunities in the technical communication community
  • insight into the role of technical communicators in the workplace
  • advice from a technical communication professional

Mentor Benefits

Some of the benefits of being a mentor are:

  • developing your coaching and leadership skills
  • passing on knowledge and experience to help strengthen your profession
  • gaining new perspectives and solutions to challenges
  • sharpening your thinking and listening skills

Who is the Mentoring Program for?

Mentees: Students, recent graduates, or professionals seeking career guidance.

Mentors: Technical communication professionals with at least three years of experience who are interested in giving back to the profession.

You must be a member of STC-MGL or join STC and specify the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter as your student or professional chapter membership to participate in this program as a mentee or a mentor.

Interested in joining?

If you would like more information on becoming a mentee or a mentor, please send an inquiry for more information.



Being a mentee has been a rewarding experience. I am still taking courses towards a Certificate in Technical Writing, and it’s helpful to discuss how any particular course I am taking will help me in launching my freelance business when I am done. My mentor draws upon her 25+ years of running her own business and provides valuable insight into what courses are the most helpful. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. I appreciate the time that my mentor is willing to provide and her desire to help in whatever way she can. It is a resource that everyone should take advantage of.

—J. Riggs

I now have a better understanding of what working in the field of technical communication could be like. As a result, I have a better grasp of what path I would like to pursue in my future career. Overall, I have a deeper understanding of the field of technical communication and some of the nuances of creating deliverables. The advice, lessons, and insight I have received through meeting with my mentor has supplemented my academic experience and given me an edge many of my classmates do not have.

—S. Marshall


Meeting with someone new to the field and exchanging ideas has helped me to see new solutions to challenges. Mentoring others helped to cement some of my skills that had grown a bit rusty over the years. The STC-SM mentoring program also opened up opportunities for me to mentor others and move into more of a leadership role at work. I think that everyone, regardless of professional experience, can benefit from new perspectives. Meeting students who are coming into the field helps you see our profession with new eyes. I completed my education some time ago, and at times I pulled out the same set of tools to solve each problem.

—H. Shelly

Mentoring presents an opportunity for your own personal growth as you share knowledge and experiences and help your mentee discover ways to apply that information in an ever-changing community of practice. For me, responding to mentee questions and requests serves as a terrific exercise in thinking on my feet and staying relevant.

—M.J. David