Celebrate World IA Day on February 27, 2021!

World Information Architecture (IA) Day celebrates information architecture and shares knowledge and ideas from analogue to digital, from design to development, from students to practitioners, globally and locally on February 27, 2021.

It appears there are no events in Michigan this year; however, most talks and other events around the world are virtual. Visit the World IA Day Events page for a complete listing, with links to event descriptions and registration pages.

World IA Day is February 22

What is World IA Day?

World IA Day was created to celebrate Information Architecture (IA) and to empower local leaders to keep growing and sharing ideas within their communities. The focus of the 2020 celebration is “The IA Element,” which highlights IA as the element that ties different ideas, developers, and end users together. Visit the World IA Day website to see a list of World IA Day events happening all over the country and around the globe! Continue reading “World IA Day is February 22”